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Alles voor de hefst en winter Autumn - Winter

verwarmde handschoenen, verwarmde zolen,  verwarmde sokken, verwarmde jassen, niergordels 

Sealskinz_waterproof_handschoenen_sokken_petten Sealskinz waterproof clothing

Sealskinz®, is an independent company specialising in fully waterproof, windproof and breathable hand, foot and head accessories.

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Details Frame and Fittings


Details Frame and Fittings

  • All important connectors are made of aluminum, because of its corrosion resistance.
  • No use of fiberglass or inferior plastic parts that can break in cold weather.
  • Top and angle posts are made of anodised aluminum tubes : size of 32 x 16 mm. with 2 mm thickness , inside are reinforced.
    The material is lightweight (1/3 of the lighter weight of steel).
    No use of galvanized or painted steel that after damage or after a period of time rust.
  • The corner posts have placed a rubber cover for protection and below floor level has holes for anchoring to the ground.
  • Redesigned locking system with pull pin around the corner post , its more reliable and durable than the earlier push systems.
    It keeps the lateral connection tubes better in their place.
  • Nuts and bolts are made ​​of stainless steel.
  • The top pole are equipped with a PVC cap to prevent damage to the roof canopy.
  • Shear connectors consist of rectangular anodised aluminum tube : Size 32 x 16 mm.with 2 mm.thickness.
  • Tubes are square or hexagonal., Tugela 3, BE3650 Dilsen Stokkem, Limburg, BelgiŽ. Tel: +32 474 33 16 51
E-mail : / HR : 0538 477 583 - BTW Nr.: BE 0538 477 583
KBC BANK / IBAN CODE : BE18 7350 1908 7665 / BIC-SWIFT CODE : KREDBEBB, vermeld steeds uw factuurnr. bij uw betalingen.
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