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Gerbing 12V Battery connection cable


Cable length : 80 cm.
Includes : 6 fuses
Built-in fuse holder
Suitable and including supplied with :

  • 12V motorcycle gloves
  • 12V Jacket
  • 12V Pants
  • 12V Socks

Price: €12.95 (€10.70 excl. BTW)

Code: 8719481821111
Availability: In Stock



Connect the battery cable CXPP with the negative (–) and the positive (+) pole to the battery of the vehicle, subsequently connect your 12 Volt Heated Clothing to the plug of the battery cable.
When you do not use the battery cable you can just leave it where it is.
The built in fuse -holder is lockable with a plastic cap for protection against dirt and corrosion.

Use the correct fuse tune to the correct amperage that your 12V clothes consumes.
Amp is indicated on the bottom of the fuse, also the color distinguishes the capacity.

Caution ! Never connect the battery cable to a battery that has a capacity greater than 12 volts.
Always read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions as described, this is for your safety products and maintenance.

Color fuse Ampère
Violet 3 A
Orange 5 A
Brown 7.5 A
Red 10A
Blue 15A
Yellow 20A
12V products Ampère
Heated gloves 2.2 A per pair
Heated socks 2.2 A per pair
Heated trouser 4 A  per pants
Heated jacket 6.5 A  per jacket

OPTIONAL : for extending the battery cable

  • Extension cable 50 cm.CXPE-50
  • Spiral Extension cable CXCC

NOTE : No matter how many 12V products you use there is only one connection to the battery of your vehicle.

  • Do you want to use more than one 12V product with the single temperature controller, TC-Single portable TCSP , you need additional a splitter CXSP (all the products have the same temperature).
  • Or you can use the dual temperature controller, TC-Dual portable TCDDP,  that allows you to control the temperature separately of each 12V product.

NEW : NOW there is a possibility to connect the 7 volt heated gloves from Gerbing directly to a 12V battery through the 7V Junior Controller JC-7V (converter with maximum output of 2 amps).
One can then use these gloves on scooters and mopeds (motorcyclists we recommend 12V motorcycle gloves for hand protection).

Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.082 kg

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