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Fragrance burner gray - tube shape Drake


Product code : P589
Color : dark gray
Material : ceramic
Diameter : 6 cm.
Height :13 cm.

Price: €5.95 (€4.92 excl. BTW)

Code: 5400652532662
Availability: In Stock

Brander voorzijde

Toepassing geurolie :

  • Vul het kuiltje van de geurbrander met water, maar zorg dat het niet overloopt.
  • Slechts enkele druppeltjes geconcentreerde olie (3 tot 5 druppels) toevoegen, hoe meer hoe sterker de geur.
  • Het water vermengd zich met de olie en verdampt langzaam, uw kamer zal fantastisch ruiken.
  • Tip !  Indien nodig af en toe een beetje water bijvullen.[/nl]

Fragrance burner Drake gray -Tube shape

Simple in form, but functional.
The aroma burner provides intense fragrance experience in your home.
Suitable for Scent chips and  fragrance oils.

Application fragrance cubes :

  • Take only one quarter of the scentchips and place it on top of the fragrance burner.
  • In the opening underneath you place a tea light.
  • By the warmth of the candle the scent tablet melts (liquid) and a delicious aroma fills your space
  • Do not add water or oil.
  • The Wax melts solidifies after blowing out the candle.
  • 1/4  of the Scent cubes = max. 7 to 8 hours fragrance , then take the remaining wax cube out of the scent oilburner.
  • Tip : warm very briefly the solidified residue, so you can remove it easily.

Application fragrance oil :

  • Fill the dimple of the scent oilburner with water, but make sure it does not overflow.
  • Add just a few drops of the scented concentrated oil (3 to 5 drops), quantity more the stronger the fragrance.
  • The water mixes with the oil and evaporates slowly, your room will soon smell fantastic.
  • Tip ! Occasionally refill water if necessary.
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.35 kg

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