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Colored lenses insertion and removal


Precautions :

  • Carefully read the instructions on the enclosed package leaflet.
  • Provide adequate lighting at the mirror.
  • When opening the package, do not touch the contact lenses with your sharp fingernails but with your fingertips, so you can not damage  the ultrathin material.
  • For the best wearing comfort put them 2 hours before wearing them, in the suitable contact lens case filled with the corresponding contact lens solution.
  • It is advisable and practical  that you always have a fixed sequence for inserting and removing the lenses,to prevent exchange.

Inserting contact lenses :

  • Want to use hairspray, perfume or other cosmetic sprays, do this before inserting the lenses.
  • Wash your hands before you come into contact with the lenses, preferably with antibacterial soap and dry them well.
  • Take the right lens with the fingertip and rinse it clean with the liquid if necessary (to remove debris).
  • Place the lens on the top of the index finger and make sure the lens is in the correct form, like half a ball with the edge nicely upright.
  • Place the middle finger of the same hand on the lower eyelid and pull, next the middle finger of the other hand the upper eyelid up so you can not blink.
  • Look up or straight forward and gently place the lens on lower part of your eye.
  • The eyelid quietly let go, close your eye and blink briefly as the lens will automatically go to the right place.
  • If it does not feel right, do not rub to get it in the right position, this can cause irritation, use your eyelid to correct the lens.
  • Contact lenses can not disappear behind your eyes, this is anatomically impossible.
  • You can check if the lens is well placed to hedge the eye, if you have a clear view, the lens is in the correct position.
  • Apply makeup after inserting the color lenses.

Remove contact lenses :

  • Provided your lens holder again with refreshed contact lens solution.
  • If you wear makeup, remove it before you take the lenses out.
  • Look up and pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger down.
  • Bring your forefinger gently close to your eye, touch the lower edge of the lens and slide it down to the lower white part of the eye.
  • Gently squeeze the lens with thumb and forefinger and take it out, then put in it the storage box.
  • Another method, shift the lens to the inner corner of the eye until it stops, the lens will automatically fall out.
  • Repeat with the left eye.

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