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Maintenance and use of rechargeable batteries


Recommendation :

  • As long as the battery is connected to the heating element, it continues to consume power even when it is not turned on. Therefore, we always recommend to disconnect the heating element if you no longer make use of it (eg. during lunch, a break).
  • If  you do not disconnect the batteries to the gloves for a long time, the batteries can get into sleep mode (deeply discharged), with the result that they no longer work  
  • Once you unplug the charger from the wall socket , we recommend that you disconnect the charged batteries.
    If you do not, the charger will discharge your batteries.
  • It is recommended to only (re) charge shortly before actually using the battery.(eg. overnight), as a battery still loses capacity even though it is not enabled. These chemical processes take place in each battery and can not be avoided.
  • A Lithium-Ion battery can not be overcharged, so it can stay the whole night in the socket without a problem.
  • Before you put the battery (eg after winter, a ski trip, the MTB season) aside for long term storage, it is very important  to keep the batteries partially charged , even you don't use them or have not turned them on.
    It is strongly recommended to keep the batteries to 25% charged throughout the year
    This is based on the described chemical process which does discharge your battery.
    If you do this carefully , the battery will have a guaranteed much longer lifespan.
    Therefore recharge your batteries, 1 time per month.
    Tip : Make a note in your diary.
  • Never leave the battery in the car, store it in a dry air-conditioned place / environment (living room with normal T°) Not in damp, cold areas such as a basement or garage.
  • When proper use, the battery can be charged up to 1000 times without significant loss of capacity.

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