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Safety use fragrance cubes

Use fragrance burner with fragrance cubes

We advise you so you can enjoy your delicious home fragrance carefree.

Safety Information :

  • There are a variety of fragrance oils and fragrance cubes available on the market.
    Ingredients in these products may be very different and can not be simply mixed together.
    Contact between different components can cause reactions such as sputtering.
  • If you are in possession of a fragrance burner that has already been used for fragrance oils or other products, it is very important to  cleanse it thoroughly before you start to use the scent cubes !
  • Fragrance Burners, especially those of porous material (unglazed pottery) often contain residual fragrance oil or other ingredients.
    Pay particular attention to dark spots or edges, the scent burner should be 100% clean !
  • Distance between the dimple for the scent pad and the tea light (candle) should be sufficient.
    Caution ! The smell cube may not evaporate.
    If this happens , the fragrance burner is too hot and is not suitable for using our fragrance cubes.


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